Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Following government advice and to ensure that we continue to maintain our duty of care to protect our customers and members of staff, Barraclough & Partners and The Horse Insurers will now be operating a work from home policy.

We therefore ask you to refrain from visiting the office in person and instead contact us on the numbers below for assistance until further notice.

We wanted to reassure you that Barraclough & Partners and The Horse Insurers have a robust continuity plan in place that allows us to access our PC’s and telephones from home. This enables us to truly look after you as if we were back in the office in person.

We can invite and accept renewals, make mid-term adjustments, take payments, handle claims and assist you with any new insurance query you may have.

As far as we are concerned it is business as usual!

These are unprecedented times and during this period of uncertainty we wanted to reassure you that we remain 100% fully committed to offering continued excellent customer service to you all and we will be here to help you throughout this difficult period.

Barraclough & Partners: 01304 375327

The Horse Insurers: 01304 759264

Our existing direct email contacts also remain in force.

Just remember, whatever your query is, simply contact us and we will find a solution together!

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Your team at Barraclough & Partners and The Horse Insurers